You are dedicated to your craft. You have spent countless hours honing your skills. You have a boundless curiosity for the underlying theories and structure of communicating ideas. You are the artist who finds the connections between your medium and other communications media. You are the artist who relishes in a setback; after all, it's a new opportunity to learn and grow. Inspiration is more than a haphazard mode of thought requiring constant nurturing: it is your natural state of mind.

Lean Into Art is where you go when you're ready to push yourself as an artist in new ways. As a place to learn communication arts online it combines an art-journaling approach, the best of live and time-shifted classes, and a recognition system that encourages students to finish projects, give feedback, even participate in teaching.

It's a big art challenge - that's why we put the enticing warning in the name. You have to lean into it.




Rob Stenzinger makes usable, useful, fun experiences and helps others do the same via comics, games, user experience design, and workshops.

In addition to providing User Experience and Game Design consulting, Rob is the creator of the comic Art Geek Zoo: The Way of Sound, and the videogame Guitar Fretter. He's also Co-Dean of Lean Into Art - an art center for visual storytellers and co-host of the Lean Into Art Cast


Rob's Workshops 

Preview of Rob's Making Video Games From Comics workshop: