You are dedicated to your craft. You have spent countless hours honing your skills. You have a boundless curiosity for the underlying theories and structure of communicating ideas. You are the artist who finds the connections between your medium and other communications media. You are the artist who relishes in a setback; after all, it's a new opportunity to learn and grow. Inspiration is more than a haphazard mode of thought requiring constant nurturing: it is your natural state of mind.

Lean Into Art is where you go when you're ready to push yourself as an artist in new ways. As a place to learn communication arts online it combines an art-journaling approach, the best of live and time-shifted classes, and a recognition system that encourages students to finish projects, give feedback, even participate in teaching.

It's a big art challenge - that's why we put the enticing warning in the name. You have to lean into it.


LIA Cast 81 - Work Rhythms

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Inspired by this episode's Quest Review, we spend this episode walking around the topic of the rhythm of the work day (or work evening, or even work hours). Journaling and reflecting not only reveal time management insights and deepen our understanding of our creative voices; they can also teach us about the rhythms of our emotional and physical state during our work sessions. Knowing this provides us with the means to anticipate and side step the times when we're feeling frustration or hesitation at the desk.

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 We also review and discuss this episode's Quest: What's the Difference Between Zero and 60?

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LIA Cast 81 - Work Rhythms


LIA Cast 80 - Inserting vs Assisting

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Back and recovered from putting on Kids Read Comics 2013 and attending ALA 2013, Jerzy is interviewed by Rob about the differences between conventions/conferences held in the library world vs the more traditional trade show or comics convention. Once again we find ourselves confronting the tricky topic of selling. This time, however, we look at it from the angle of evaluating the differences between inserting one's self and assisting others as means to create meaningful trade between you and your constituency.

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LIA Cast 80 - Inserting vs Assisting


LIA Cast 79 - Thinking About Your Theme w/Guest Brandon Dayton

Jerzy and Rob are joined by special guest, Brandon Dayton. After exploring a curveball about finding compatible creative associates, collaborators, and friends we delve into our main topic: STORY THEME.

Theme is a storyteller's tool. Every story with a theme is going to reveal some essence about living as expressed by the story's author. We explore theme, where it comes from, and questions like: How do you know if you've found your theme? When you have a theme - how do you know if the elements of your story are conveying or working with your theme?

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LIA Cast 79 - Thinking About Your Theme w/Guest Brandon Dayton


LIACast 78 - Pros and Cons of Cons

How important is it for independent creators to table or attend conventions? Jerzy and Rob explore a variety of angles to evaluating the benefits and costs of conventions (including art fairs, festivals, events, and trade shows).

Conventions are alluring social and business events yet can be expensive in both time and money cost. Especially so with conventions involve traveling long-distance. Yet we see examples of the excitment, networking, sales, and other benefits that can be part of successful conventioning.

We explore the pro and cons of conventioning and offer comparisons, alternatives, and combinations of attending, tabling, versus and considering your online presences.

Leaners won't be surpised - instead of a canned-plan, we take a choose-your-own-adventure approach!

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LIACast 78 - Pros and Cons of Cons


LIA Cast 77 - An Internet Lifetime

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Jerzy's back, but we're also joined by another special guest this week! LIA Instructor Krishna Sadasivam stops by the show to share some of his reflections, experiences, and point of view culled from his 15-year career as a web cartoonist.

Together we explore the immediacy of current web publishing (and the perils therein), strategies for testing products, and evaluating what sites to use to promote or share your art.

We also return to giving Lean Into Art Quests! This time Jerzy is questgiver with a time management and speed drawing exercise called What's the Difference between Zero and 60?

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And don't forget to check out Krishna's workshop!

 (each workshop comes with a bonus 12 hours of extra video content from our Creative Topics Variety Pack and more!)

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LIA Cast 77 - An Internet Lifetime