You are dedicated to your craft. You have spent countless hours honing your skills. You have a boundless curiosity for the underlying theories and structure of communicating ideas. You are the artist who finds the connections between your medium and other communications media. You are the artist who relishes in a setback; after all, it's a new opportunity to learn and grow. Inspiration is more than a haphazard mode of thought requiring constant nurturing: it is your natural state of mind.

Lean Into Art is where you go when you're ready to push yourself as an artist in new ways. As a place to learn communication arts online it combines an art-journaling approach, the best of live and time-shifted classes, and a recognition system that encourages students to finish projects, give feedback, even participate in teaching.

It's a big art challenge - that's why we put the enticing warning in the name. You have to lean into it.


Extra Lean!

Since going to a bi-weekly schedule with the Lean Into Art Casts, we've been filling in the gaps with a loose discussion microcast called Extra Lean. Though it's a less structured discussion, the shows tend to be reflections of what we've been up to during our work weeks designed to pull out useful thoughts for other artists striving for more intentional work. Think of it as a single-sized version of the takeaways segment on the regular cast.

How do I get this microcast?

The shows are available as an exclusive download for those who have downloaded a Lean Into Art workshop, or signed up for our newsletter.

Wondering what it's like? Check out our 6th episode here!



LIACast 71 - Making Your Characters Ring True

In this episode of the Lean Into Art Cast, Jerzy and Rob delve into exploring the conceptual and visual design attributes of great characters. Jerzy's recent quest provides a great catalyst for our conversation in how much it helps us explore the importance of villains in storytelling.

We Reflected on LIA Quest 3: Evil or Just a Jerk

And, We Introduce a New Quest: Smell of Funny

Deadline to have your quest materials mentioned on the next LIA Cast: March 13!

Links Mentioned in this Episode

Take These Great Character Design Workshops

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LIACast 71 - Making Your Characters Ring True


LIACast 70 - Mastering Your Schedule with Dave Seah


LIA Cast 69 - Perseverance and Perseverance

Download the mp3 here!

There’s a romance to “muscling through” and shipping. Never give up! Ganbare!

“Only a weakling gives up when the going gets tough!” - Peter Parker

But what if you’re shipping the wrong thing? How do you know whether it’s a question of your own abilities, or if it’s a situation where you can’t see the forest for the trees?

But changing projects means giving up on the old one, right? Isn’t that admitting defeat? Way to give up, Baron Wimpy von Quitsalot.

It's a packed episode as we walk around this topic, take on a curveball, and talk about this episode's Quests!

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And don't forget to check out this episode's Quest: Evil, or Just a Jerk? Deadline to get your entry discussed on the next show is February 13, 2013!

This episode's entries for Quest 2: Harvester of Borrow!

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LIA Cast 69 - Perseverance and Perseverance


LIA Cast 68 - Doing it Wrong with Ryan Estrada

Download the mp3 here!

This one is packed to the gills with topics and discussions that visual storytellers of all stripes will enjoy. Ryan Estrada returns to the show to talk about his Do it Wrong manifesto, reflections on tabling at Korean comic cons, and the exciting model he's exploring through his Whole Story project where you can pay what you want for a massive bundle of digital comics.


And don't forget to check out this episode's Quest: Harvester of Borrow! Deadline to get your entry discussed on the next show is January 30, 2013!

This episode's entries for Quest 1: Mecha Sound!

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LIA Cast 68 - Doing it Wrong with Ryan Estrada

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