You are dedicated to your craft. You have spent countless hours honing your skills. You have a boundless curiosity for the underlying theories and structure of communicating ideas. You are the artist who finds the connections between your medium and other communications media. You are the artist who relishes in a setback; after all, it's a new opportunity to learn and grow. Inspiration is more than a haphazard mode of thought requiring constant nurturing: it is your natural state of mind.

Lean Into Art is where you go when you're ready to push yourself as an artist in new ways. As a place to learn communication arts online it combines an art-journaling approach, the best of live and time-shifted classes, and a recognition system that encourages students to finish projects, give feedback, even participate in teaching.

It's a big art challenge - that's why we put the enticing warning in the name. You have to lean into it.

Lean Into Art Quests

Mini-challenge exercises for fun and practice

  1. Quest with us on Twitter using the hashtag #liaquest and the quest number.
  2. Link to your work to complete the quest, link to other examples to share powerups.
  3. Jerzy and Rob report on the latest quest and announce a new quest on the Lean Into Art Cast!
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LIA Quest 9: Insta-Cast

Sometimes the pursuit to create clever, unique, or "original" ideas for characters can distract us from the real job of creating characters that feel honest, true, and engaging. A great way to find that honesty is to look in your own life at the characters you already know!

This series of quest cards offer quick and tiny thinking strategies that, when completed, will have set you up with the beginnings of a cast of characters.

Not all quests are epic!

This quest is intended to take 5 minutes to take the challenge and 5-10 minutes to post about it if you care to share your experience, process, or results!

Normal Quest

Choose a Quest Card and take the 5 minute challenge!

Heroic Quest

Choose a Quest Card and take the 2 minute challenge!

Share the results

Tweet about your challenge!

Share your results in a blog post and Twitter with the #liaquest9 tag.

Choose a Quest Card

Unlike Quest 8, these cards are meant to be done in order.
Tweet your quest card results to unlock more, be sure to include the hashtag #liaquest9!

  1. Emotion Words
  2. Stick Figures
  3. Stick Figure Opposites
  4. Bonus Round 1
  5. Bonus Round 2

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